Here are some books to inspire you as you consider your part in God's kingdom movement. These are some of the books and authors that have inspired the City Network movement:

1. Exponential by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson. An incredible vision for leadership development as a strategy for kingdom growth and multiplication.

2. Reaching the Unreached by Peyton Jones. We want to plant churches that make disciples of people who are far from God, not transfers from other churches. This book is a primer on 1st century and 21st century mission in the world.

3. On The Verge by Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson. A deep, important book on implementing the ideas Hirsch outlines in The Forgotten Ways in the life of a mega-church and a church planting movement. Brilliant stuff.

4. To Transform a City by Eric Swanson and Sam Williams. A roadmap to city-wide movements of Jesus followers being God's kingdom presence in every sector of the city.

5. Starting Missional Churches by Branson and Warnes. A primer on the nuts and bolts of incarnational/missional expressions of church planting. 

6. MultiChurch by Brad House and Gregg Allison. Exploring the future of Multisite

7. Dying to Restart by Greg Wiens and Dan Turner. Churches choosing a strategic death for a multiplying life.