100 Church Plants In 15 Years, Is That Possible?

August 1, 2018 - Bruce Young

I’m not a church planter. I wanted to be (30 years ago), but God clearly directed me otherwise. I have been at my church, in downtown Boise, not quite 24 years. And, in the last five years God has opened the door to plant a church in Hidden Springs in 2012 (Dry Creek Community Church), partner with a church plant in 2017 (Redemption Hill, Boise) and begin a new campus four miles from our downtown campus (Collister Church, formerly Collister Community Church) in 2018.

I’m not a church planter. Yet, God has given me a deep passion for church planting. Virtually every study verifies the fact that new churches do a better job at reaching the unreached. If this is true, every pastor and church leader should be a proponent of new congregations and every healthy church should be asking “How can we start a new congregation?” “How can we reproduce?”

Eighteen months ago, I had a particularly interesting lunch with Robert Frazier. He had just returned from a conference called ‘Exponential’. He said, “I think we need to plant 100 churches in the next 15 years.” I laughed out loud! Later, I was convicted. Maybe he spoke the truth. Maybe this is of the Lord. I took out a piece of paper and started to scribble numbers. If 20 churches plant one church and 15 churches can plant two churches and eight churches could plant three churches…and so on. I looked up ... Amazed ... THIS CAN HAPPEN!!!

What if pastors catch this? What if we stepped out in faith? What if money wasn’t our hang-up? What if a movement begins? What if we direct our prayer?

Needless to say. I’m not laughing now! I’m seeing it and living it.

- Bruce Young

Angela Sanchez