Meet the Planter- Ryan Eagy

Ryan Eagy

Table Rock Church

Boise, ID

Launch Date

April 22, 2018

Area of Town

Downtown/Depot Bench


Sending Church/ Denomination

Bethlehem Baptist Church (Minneapolis, MN)

Faith Community Church (Boise, ID)



Tell us your “Story”

Ryan and Katie were blessed to both grow up in Boise and in church-going households. They each knew and loved Jesus at a young age and were active in ministry through much of their youth and through college at Cole Community Church. Their plan after college was to head directly to seminary and full-time ministry, but God had other (and better) plans. This included Ryan working as a teacher and at his family’s business and Katie as an office manager then property manager. In 2004 many things changed. Ryan and Katie started a business (RepStep, Inc dba Submittal123) with the prayer that God would use it to provide for Ryan to finally go to seminary and move into full time vocational ministry. This also started a five-year process of having five kids: Hannah (13), Gabe (12), Abigail (10), Gideon (9), and Hosea (7). During this time, they were a part of a small church plant for four years and then transitioned to fellowship and minister at Faith Community Bible Church where Ryan served as a lay-elder. In late 2012 God finally gave the Eagys the okay to go to seminary and at 35/33 years old they moved their young family to Minneapolis. While finishing his MDiv at Bethlehem College & Seminary God continued to provide through their business and as Ryan worked for Bethlehem Baptist Church. As seminary was winding down, through prayer and encouragement, Ryan and Katie became church planters through Bethlehem Baptist Church and in cooperation with the North American Mission Board (NAMB/SBC) and in partnership with Faith Community Bible Church to plant a church back in Boise, ID. Since August 2017 they have been on the ground helping to prepare Table Rock Church for a soft launch in April 2018. They feel so blessed to be part of an amazing team of people choosing to worship and fellowship that more people in Boise might know and glory in God through our savior Jesus Christ. 




What is the greatest need you see in the valley that God is asking your church to meet?

1.    We want to see all people Pursue Joy! We believe God created us to seek out joy, and that we only find that joy in Jesus Christ (Phil 1:18b–26). 

2.    We believe that, whether for the first time of the thousandth time, disciples are made through the gospel of Jesus Christ (quote from Jonathan Dodson), and we desire to spread that gospel joy in our part of Boise, the Treasure Valley, and the world.



What is one thing you’ve learned about the valley (from a fresh set of eyes) that would help establish local churches?


People are hungry for real discipleship that delves into the difficult aspects of life that Christ was unafraid to walk into. They don’t seem to want nor need more programs, rather life-on-life discipleship. 



What have you seen God do so far in your community? 


Praise God for his grace to continue to help us engage our neighborhood, coworkers, friends and family. Our ‘Carols at the Depot’ event this last Christmas saw our venue packed out and many unbelievers hear the gospel of Jesus. Our ‘Depot Eggstravaganza’ was similarly packed out with our neighbors. We have multiplied from one to four Life Groups and are planning to multiple more this summer. We are thankful for baptisms and conversions. Praise God for the discipleship of both new believers, not-yet-believers, and already believers in our midst. 



Will you have or will you be looking for interns?


No and yes.


How can (or has) The City Network help(ed) your launch in its current phase? 


We are thankful for our partnerships with many churches in the Treasure Valley, including some in The City Network. We look forward to seeing many more partnerships throughout the valley and helping to establish and strengthen churches. 

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