Building a Launch Team

An interview with Treasure Valley church planter, Keith Twigg

Keith Harrington, who serves on The City Network Leadership Team, had the opportunity to interview Keith Twigg of Passion Church in Boise to hear his journey of church planting and building a launch team.

KH: Do you like being named Keith?
KT: Of course.  Best name ever-  “of the woods” living in the “city of trees”
KH: Yeah, me neither.
KH: Tell us a little history of Passion Church and give us an update of God’s work in and through Passion.
KT: What started with a passion for all cities in the northwest, led us first to the Treasure Valley and then to East Boise, specifically, as a home base from which to reach Boise & beyond for Christ.  Launching 2 ½ years ago, it’s been a wild ride.  Tucked away on Warm Springs Ave, we’ve carved a church out of the world and have fought to have our hearts be about the church and not drawing a crowd.  It’s been challenging to tread that balance.  Now we are preparing to transition to a new, super accessible location and it’s an exciting season of ministry on the horizon.
KH: When you parachuted into Boise, how did you connect with the first core team members? What worked and what didn't?
KT: At first it was with people who had a degree or two of separation from our existing networks of relationships.  Coming in cold, we didn’t have any personal networks to access.  Eventually, as we spent more time in the community we were able to begin developing our own relationships in the community and inviting people into the vision.  Our launch team was a mix of both.  
What worked = authentic relational connecting. communicating timeline, and vision casting to build initial momentum.  
What didn’t = motivating people with a historic church paradigm to be committed to not just doing everything the same old way, the motivation has to be deeper. 
KH: How long from the time you first showed up until you launched?  Was it long enough? Was it too long?
KT: 15 months from moving to public launch.  I would say it was pretty perfect as far as time.  A good balance of keeping momentum while also achieving critical mass to launch successfully
KH: How did you build the vision and plan for the launch?
KT:  The vision frame was interrupted by the deep conviction that we needed to be a church focused on living out the great commission, not simply getting people to Sundays.  That impacted the vision at every level and required significant investment into research and development of a discipleship focused vision.  Once those pieces were clear, the ministry planning began to take shape.
 The plan for launch was a relatively traditional one which was built of contemporary plant strategy and timelines.  Stuff I had done before which ended up working relatively well in this plant.
KH: Looking back, what do you wish you had done differently?
KT:  Great question.  Honestly, nothing jumps out.  I’ve truly felt that, in general, we’ve stayed in step with the Lord over the last few years.  Plenty of mistakes have been made, as always, but I think we are developing the church God wants so I don’t know that I would change anything specific.  
KH: You got one thing to tell a church planter, whatcha got?
KT:   If you haven’t done the hard….HARD…..HARD…work of answering the HARD question of “what does discipleship look like at my church”, beyond “come back next Sunday” then not only is the most important goal you could ever set still left out, but if you don’t answer that question before you launch, 1) you probably never will and 2) whatever you build, when the dust settles, won’t be what you want it to be.

Thanks, Keith for sharing your experience and heart with us here at The City Network. Maybe something sparked your interest or you have a question that you want to press into. You can reach Keith @ and you can see more of what God is doing at Passion Church @

Angela Sanchez