Meet the Planter - Michael Newton

Meet Michael Newton...

Hometown: Petaluma, California

Potential Area for Church Plant:
Boise - West, Eagle, Boise - North/Foothills
(Kingdom Church)

Sending Church/Denomination: Rock Harbor has supported us financially and been a great friend relationally along with Revolution 22 and Redemption Hill.

Tell us your "story". I felt called to plant a church at 18 while I was at Bible College. I was on staff at Calvary Chapel Petaluma for ten years where my love for Jesus and His people grew. While I was there I fulfilled a variety of different roles (youth, small group leadership, counseling, service coordinator, preaching opportunities). My wife challenged me to start praying about this dream that God had planted in my heart. It began as taking time to pray as a couple and going out with a map not thinking much of it. As we prayed over where God may be calling us as a couple we began to get excited thinking of places like Missoula, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, and right before we left my wife said she felt like we were supposed to circle Boise. We felt called to begin pursuing the path of church planting and which eventually led to me stepping down from church position to begin this pursuit. We made the move out to Idaho and have begun the process looking for like minded people to start the church with.

What is the greatest need you see in the valley that God is asking your church to meet? What we feel called to bring to the Valley is a church that is committed to the communities centered around being Gospel centered and living out our faith missionally.

What is one thing you've learned about the valley (from a fresh set of eyes) that would help established local churches? What I have seen here in the valley is there is a great need for connection with people. We see lots of people moving to Boise for a variety of reasons. Some are financial, political, etc and we have a community of people from all over trying to find purpose and a place to belong.

What have you seen God do so far within your community? We have had the opportunity to love on people in a really personal way. We got to connect one of our neighbors who grew up Mormon to Jesus and the Bible through her coming to a 2 night event called the Story of God. We have seen people who are longing for deeper relationship getting connected with us and our community which has been really refreshing and exciting to see God work in those relationships. Through working a regular job I have gotten the opportunity to speak into people at work's lives about marriage, child raising, career opportunity, faith and a whole bunch of different areas which has been interesting to see how people bring their stories in connection with the Bible.

How can The City Network help your launch in its current phase?  I am in a need for connection with churches that would be willing to get to know us and provide and opportunity for us to share our hearts for Eagle and Northwest Boise. What we have seen is there is a lack of Gospel focused churches throughout this region and we want to be one of the groups that helps change that.

Meet the Newton family.

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Church Planter Gathering

We’ve been talking a lot about supporting and connecting with church planters as a City Network, now we’re ready. Come over to share a little bit about what God is doing, and have a conversation about developing a vision for the church plant that God is growing in your heart/soul. Sunday, September 23rd at Robert Frazier’s house.

Email to RSVP for details. If you have someone that is in the process of preparing to plant, let them know about this monthly gathering.

We’ll meet monthly for a couple of hours, it will be good content and good connection, about 50/50 split with church planters sharing their stories from the trenches.

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