5 Ways To Pursue Unity For The Church

What is next for you in pursuing unity in your city:

-Do you need to take initiative and build friendships with other church leaders, elders and Pastors?

-Do you need to check your heart and offer grace to those who look different than you in the body of Christ?

-Do you need to repent of your disdain for God’s people and offer respect as a gift of unity?

-Do you need to celebrate the work of Christ in other congregations in your city?

-Do you need to commit to staying as long as God wants you in a congregation, in a city?

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The Church Planter's (or everyone's) Secret Weapon

I was sitting on the floor in my office, looking at my ceiling trying to figure out what was going on. Everything felt numb. I had no energy, no passion, no excitement, no desire. All I wanted was to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling.

Although as a pastor, I have helped many people through their journeys with depression and anxiety, I am not prone to bouts of melancholy, and yet here I was staring at my ceiling, wondering what went wrong.

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