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Our valley will be over 1 million people by the year 2030.


Our City

Boise is a growing unreached city

When you compare Boise to other cities it is one of the least religious metro areas in the country. 57% of Ada county has no religious affiliation. Which is higher than Seattle, Portland, San Francisco or Boston. 

Around 15% identify as Protestant, we estimate that around 7% are in a gospel church in a given week.

The state department of commerce estimates that the Treasure Valley will have a population of 1 million by 2030.


There is a lot of Kingdom Work to Do

Just to have churches for the 300,000 people who will move to the Treasure Valley in the next 15 years, we would need to plant 250 churches with 200 people attending each.

But God wants to do much more than that. He wants every person in the our valley to know someone who truly follows Jesus, and experience a taste of the kingdom of God in their neighborhoods, in their families, in their workplaces.


City network is here to resource Kingdom multiplication in the Treasure Valley

We are a network of churches who are partnering together for kingdom impact through church health, growth and multiplication. We come from many tribes, but hold true to the gospel of Jesus and Him crucified for salvation through faith by grace. Our goal is that every follower of Jesus would be deployed as a part of the mission of God to see His kingdom come in our valley as it is in heaven.

We believe that God uses church planting, multi-site strategies, home church movements, church mergers, small churches, mega churches, medium size churches, church revitalization and other strategies to reach our city through His church. That is why we want to partner together for kingdom effectiveness to inspire, develop, resource, and train church planters and sending churches.

Come be a part of the movement of Jesus people.


Why plant churches?


To Reach a City.

The Data shows that planting new congregations is vital to the spiritual life of a city, even for revitalizing existing congregations.

The need is clear in a metro area like Boise.  There is growth, therefore we need new churches, but this isn't the whole story. Our valley has never been a majority Christian community. And the number of people engaged in churches has been dropping since 1990. As you can probably tell, driving around on Sunday mornings, a very small percentage of people are heading to church in a given week. We estimate that there are seats for around 7-8% of the Treasure Valley in existing gospel churches.

We need lots more churches and we need churches that are engaged in the mission of making disciples in every neighborhood in our city. If we are to see the needle move to even 10 or 15% that means 10's of thousands of new Jesus followers who commit their lives to Christ.

Tim Keller has written extensively on the need and opportunity to plant churches, here is a great summary of why we as Christians plant churches.


Ready to help?

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Current Planters


1. Ryan Eagy- Table Rock Church- Launched April 2018

2. Rhett Barden- One Life Church- Launched Sept 2018

3. Ben Blakey- Compass Bible Church- Launched January 2019

4. Michael Newton- Kingdom Church- Launched 2019

5. Cody Burbage- Create Church- Launched September 2019

6. Josh Wiley- Gathering 208- Team moved here July 2019, Launching April 12, 2020

7. Brian Taylor- E3 Church- Kuna, ID- Launching September 2020