If I Were Planting a Church from Scratch

Some things that resonate with me and I think our little network. I like the idea of capping the attendance and creating local networks of mission and accountability. -Robert Frazier

THE GOSPEL COALITION - September 21, 2017

If I were planting a church from scratch today, I would want to do the following:

1. Build the Program around Prayer and Preaching

2. Focus Locally Rather Than Regionally

3. Meet on Sunday Mornings (and Sunday Evenings Too!)

4. Go Light on Mid-week Programs

5. Invest Heavily in Local Partners and Ministries

6. Cap the Congregation at 300 People

7. Deal with Growth by Planting and Donating

8. Blend the Best of Baptist and Presbyterian Polity

9. Celebrate the Lord’s Supper Every Week

10. Find a Way to Be Multi-generational

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Angela Sanchez