Q. Why do we need city Network?

A. There is an incredible need in our area for gospel outreach in every town, city and neighborhood.

The Treasure Valley is a mission field: 

  1. Less than 10% of our population is in a gospel church in a given week.
  2. 57% of people in the Boise metro area have no religious affiliation, this makes it one of the least churched cities in the country.
  3. There is no over-arching, cross-denominational missional organization in the Treasure Valley geared towards reaching the lost through evangelism or church planting.
  4. The Treasure Valley is projected to be over 1 million people by 2033, that means we need to plant 250 churches with 200 people each just to keep up with population growth at current levels.


Q. Who is City Network

A. It started as a group of pastors from diverse backgrounds that came together to support church planting in the Boise area and grew to include churches from Nazarene, Baptist, Restoration, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Non-Denominational and other churches.


Q. Why Should i be involved with City network?

A. This is an expression of unity around gospel and mission that is rare in our world, but we think it is structured in such a way that many can participate. This is a grassroots movement that is centered on helping healthy churches grow and multiplying through all sorts of church planting and multi-site strategies. You support churches and church planters that share your values and DNA, and multiply healthy versions of churches that you can partner with. It might be by denomination, network, tribe or theological distintives, but you decide who to partner with and where to give and send. City Network helps provide shared resources that is specific to church planting, mobilization and church planting that supports you in your mission.