Contribute to The City Network

Thanks for helping us inspire, assess, train, and coach church planters and sending churches.

Send checks to: The City Network: 607 N. 13th St Boise, ID 83702 or Donate online.

How does The City Network use contributions?

When your church or organization partners financially with The City Network, 100% of contributions are placed directly into the pipeline for promoting church planting, revitalization and multiplication in the Treasure Valley. Contributions to The City Network cover the costs of Leader Development, Administration, Collaboration and MissionInsite.

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How Contributions are Spent

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Why Become a City Network Partner Church?

What you get:

· Support for church planters: monthly gatherings, online resources, residency opportunities

· Support for sending churches: training, mentors, residency support

· Training for developing a multiplication culture

· Access to MissionInsite for demographics about our city/valley

· Shared resources for planting: training for planters, assessment for planters and spouses, training for sending churches and mentors

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What you do:

· Set aside budget to support church planting (including a small amount to support CN)

· Commit to planting a church or partnering to plant a church in the next 2-4 years

· Introduce the CN partnership to your congregation and share the vision for multiplying healthy churches in the valley

· Celebrate and pray for other churches regularly

· Attend semi-annual gatherings of City Network partner churches

· Bring staff and key lay leaders to annual CN conference

· Join our Facebook Group for ongoing conversation

· Like our Facebook Page