The City Network

"The average new congregation will reach  6-8x that of an older congregation of the same size."

-Tim Keller


What is The City Network

We are a partnership of churches of all stripes working together to grow and multiply healthy churches to reach our cities.

The mission is big. We need to plant hundreds of healthy growing churches in our valley over the next 15 years just to keep up with our astounding population growth, but God wants even more. 

We are hoping to see a movement of God, drawing many people to himself and engaging the people of God in His plan to see His kingdom come in Idaho as it is in heaven.




To create a broad network of mission-minded churches and pastors in the Treasure Valley to join God’s kingdom work in planting, revitalizing and resourcing Gospel-centered, reproducing churches.


Core Framework:

As a Gospel movement we are committed to the work of the great commission through the body of Christ. Together we affirm:



We take our marching orders from King Jesus, his life, teaching, and example, as the starting point for our faith. We put our faith in Christ and His work on the cross as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.


That God has spoken through the inspired 66 books of the Old and New Testaments and His word is authoritative for the church and His people.

Born Again

Everyone needs to be converted, transformed by the work of God through faith into a part of His family. • Jesus’ call to discipleship requires that every person must be born again.

Multiplication • 

Missional Responsibility: We are committed to make disciples that make disciples that start new disciple making communities. (multiplication)




Make a difference in our city through Gospel Partnership